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10 Reasons Why Real Estate Agents Should Use Surveys

Being a real estate agent can be a very hard job, with the risk of clients stringing you along, at great expense to you, before bolting at the last minute, leaving you with no commission to show for your efforts. However, surveys can be a superb tool to cultivate your client list and become a better agent. You can follow up with clients, better understand neighborhoods, clients and the evolving business, ask clients who left why they left, and get testimonials from happy customers.

Key Takeaways:

  • If you have worked with a client who suddenly switches to a different agent, use a survey to find out why.
  • Surveys can help busy real estate agents coordinate with clients to determine the best times to meet with them.
  • The questions on surveys can help you get to know more about certain neighborhoods and how clients feel about these areas.

“Many real estate agents aren’t aware how surveys could improve their average day, build a list of clients who are happy to refer you to their colleagues and take away much of the stress you deal with now.”

Read more: https://blog.yesinsights.com/why-real-estate-agents-should-use-surveys/