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15 Facebook Marketing Tips for Realtors | Practical Ecommerce - Real Estate Marketing That REALLY Works!

15 Facebook Marketing Tips for Realtors | Practical Ecommerce

Real estate agents are successfully using social media to good advantage. Every day, they use it to create relationships with their clients who are prospective home buyers and to maintain those relationships. They also use it to bond with their peers. All this involves hard work on the part of the real estate agent. The author highlights recommended ways real estate agents can build relationships on facebook, find new followers, and effectively craft a marketing strategy for their agency. The first step is to set up a facebook business page. Setting up a business page rather than using a personal profile is profitable because it shows the agent is professional and because the business page has features the personal profile does not have for effective marketing. Some highlighted tips for the business page is that the agent should update his cover photo frequently, should create helpful tabs, remember that 80 percent of his efforts should be customer focused while 20 percent should be on himself and the business, and respond promptly to comments. Other tips are highlighted in the blog.

Key Takeaways:

  • Facebook has been used as a good vehicle for business by real estate agents because every day they use it to connect with prospective home buyers.
  • Facebook has been used by many to build relationships for their real estate business, to find new followers, and to more effectively market the agency.
  • Some agents feel a personal profile is fine but it is recommended to create a business page for real estate business because it makes the agent look professional.

“Reply to comments posted on your page, good or bad, and do so promptly. This signals current and potential clients that you are paying attention.”

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