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3 Step Real Estate Referral Strategy for More Clients - Real Estate Marketing That REALLY Works!

3 Step Real Estate Referral Strategy for More Clients

Remember that referrals are not about you as a person, but the valuable service a real estate agent provides. Be ready to wow clients and create a lasting relationship thru the experience that will have their social media buzzing all about you. Once this happens, people will start referring you to others. Concern yourself primarily with those clients that refer you to multiple people and cultivate those relationships, putting the value of the relationship solely on the client and not just free swag with your logo .

Key Takeaways:

  • If one realizes that all he learned from real estate coaches on real estate referrals is all wrong, now is the time to turn their strategy on its head.
  • Three of the things one has to eliminate from his referral mindset in order to succeed are: always be asking, asking in inappropriate times, and making referrals about you.
  • It must be understood that not all referrals make for the right relationship and one needs first to identify his top referrers and stick to them.

“You must wow your clients which, in turn, will create a desire to talk about you to everyone they know in person and on social media. When a client experience is sticky, you become a part of the client’s life and it is a relationship that never ends.”

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