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4 Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Agents

Building a personal brand is a key tip for those who are in the real estate business as agents and brokers who want to grow their lead, sales, and overall business. The author discusses four personal branding secrets in the blog. The first tip is that agents should do all they can to build their personal brand rather than concentrate on paying for referrals. Trulia and Zillow are lead generating sources that many persons have come to depend upon to advertise their homes but they never realize that these companies spent a lot of money trying to influence Google rankings when the search engine first came out. But the disadvantages of using Zillow and Trulia for small business agents to advertise their homes is that the competition is very stiff and big businesses have cornered all the opportunities for advertising. A small business will lose trying to compete with them by spending money on their services. The best way to combat this is to build a brand. By building your own personal brand and distributing your content on social media, you make yourself to be found more by people thinking of buying a home at your location and they will come to you. By your brand, you distinguish yourself and win customers. The other three tips for successful personal branding are contained in the blog.

Key Takeaways:

  • According to the author, one marketing strategy that will work for real estate agents or brokers is to grow their lead or sales by personal branding.
  • Many agents are paying a dollar amount to get a lead when they advertise their services on platforms like Trulia or Zillow.
  • When Google search first began, companies like Zillow knew that it was going to be huge so they invested heavily in ranking high on search results.

“At January’s Agent2021 conference, I gave a lot of tactical advice to agents in the real estate, auto, mortgage, and insurance industries on building their personal brand and leveraging it in their respective industries.”

Read more: https://www.garyvaynerchuk.com/marketing-strategies-for-real-estate-agents/