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4 real estate tips for turning listings into a social media lead magnet

There are 4 real estate tips that can help turn listings into social media lead magnets that each real estate agent needs to know in order to sell their estate quickly and efficiently. First you must study the strengths of each social media platform. For example, 68% of adults use Facebook. If you are listing a piece of real estate more suited for older adults, Facebook is a good place to list it. A very important thing to do is to create a brand along all social media channels, not just one. You also want to build a brand identity so that people get to know you the person, and don’t just think of you as someone who is trying to sell them something. Finally, make sure you use visuals to differentiate your brand and make it feel much more unique and modernized.

Key Takeaways:

  • The rise of technology has changed the real estate sales funnel into a spiral inside a maze.
  • Social Media presents more ways to bring real estate customers into the sales cycle.
  • Build a consistent social media brand across the platforms that your customer demographic uses to broaden sales reach.

“With a sudden rise in technology solutions specifically designed for real estate, the industry realizing the potential of social media for the immersive experiences your audience increasingly demands.”

Read more: https://matterport.com/blog/2019/07/12/4-real-estate-tips-turning-listings-social-media-lead-magnet/