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4 Ways to Use Listings to Get More Live Conversations with Your Leads

The BEST way to get more real estate business is by creating more live conversations with your leads. Listings offer great opportunities to create these conversations.

However, many agents take a “spray and pray” approach, blasting Listings to their entire buyers list in the hopes of hooking a quick sale. Blasts are impersonal and don’t do much to stimulate conversation. You might get responses from leads with some interest in the promoted home, but everybody else is likely to ignore the message.

There are better ways to use Listings to get much higher live conversation rates. These conversations will give you valuable insight into their state of mind, making it a lot easier to turn them into business. It’s all about framing your messaging so it’s as close to to one-to-one as you can make it (or at least feels that way).

We’ve developed 4 different ways you can present Listings to your Leads to nudge more live responses from them. These use multiple messages across integrated communication channels (including email, SMS text message, ringless voicemail, and photo-messaging) which refer to each other, increasing urgency and the likelihood of an engagement.

1. Property-Specific Sequence

This is a framed and sequenced conversation around a specific Listing. To be most effective with this, you really want to target it to the lead’s specific buying criteria. If it doesn’t match, they’re likely to ignore it.

Sample message: “Here’s a great new listing in your price range. What do you think?”

2. Home Feature Sequence

Here you’re using a specific feature of a home listing to start a conversation about fine-tuning their criteria. This is great because it shows you care about helping them find a more exact match, even if the Listing you use doesn’t fit what they really want.

Sample message: “This home has a pool. Is a pool important to you? What other features are on your need/want list?”

3. Indirect Framing

You can start conversations around your leads’ indirect but still important criteria. It just takes a little out-of-the-box thinking to predict their needs.

For example, suppose you have a large, multi-bedroom Listing appropriate for families. Rather than ask about the specific features of the home, you can frame the conversation around related criteria that a family would find important, for example: “How important is distance from schools to you?” A conversation like this shows leads you’re thinking about their greater needs instead of just features.

(Even if you don’t have any Listings, you can still start conversations in this way. In the above example, your leads may already have told you they’re looking for large multi-room properties. Or, if you have an integrated property search and display system like our Success HDX portal, you could pick this up from looking at their search activity.)

4. Listings with Urgency

Nothing catches buyer interest more than the chance to get a great deal before anyone else. “Coming Soons”, Pre-Releases, and Price Updates are great for creating urgent inquiries. Even if the specific Listing doesn’t match their criteria, you can use the opportunity to get them to tell you what they’re looking for, in the hopes that you’ll send more urgent updates their way.

Sample message: “This home will be on the market soon! Check it out to get a jump on it.”

Learn more about how we do it

Over the past year, our top members have tested and proven these Listings sequences, with amazing results. In many cases we’re seeing lead conversation rates of 40-50% or more.

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Stephen Raitt

Stephen Raitt

Stephen Raitt is the President and Co-Founder of Success Real Estate Marketing.