42 Engaging Real Estate Newsletter Ideas | Placester

Email newsletters are still an important form of marketing for real estate agents. Creating an effective newsletter with useful content can be integral to growing your real estate business. In order to do that, consider including how-to articles for the prospective home owner. Other useful articles could include updates of mortgage and finance news. People will find articles on mortgage rates helpful as they will be needing a mortgage themselves, and will like housing affordability studies to show them how they stack out with other people in the area.

Key Takeaways:

  • Despite what some might think, email newsletters are still a very effective way for real estate agents to educate and communicate with their audience.
  • Email newsletters with great content can help real estate agents generate more leads and bring traffic to their website.
  • How-to posts, educational guides, business updates, and industry news are all relevant topics that real estate agents can include in their email newsletters.

“Arguably the most obvious place to look for real estate newsletter ideas is your blog. Create how-to posts (e.g. “Homeowner Tips: How to Balance Your Finances”) and share a few of them via email. Include images and short descriptions for each post included.”

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