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5 Facebook Video Marketing Strategies To Generate More Real Estate Clients In 2019

If you’re in the real estate business, you understand the importance of word of mouth clientele. In recent years, marketing has transitioned a lot of its base to popular social media platforms such as Facebook. In today’s article, Grand Findlay-Shirras outlines 5 different Facebook options to boost your page’s overall presentation. By utilizing the close caption feature, running paid campaigns and re-targeting your audience to get maximum engagement, this article will start your Facebook page out on the right foot!

Key Takeaways:

  • Although YouTube has undisputed sway when it comes to video platform status, Facebook and Instagram are close behind.
  • Therefore, since video-marketing has become an essential component of online real estate sales, Facebook bears watching.
  • To get started creating videotapes for Facebook, you need a smartphone and editing software and possibly a microphone.

“Most real estate agents are faced with the dilemma of how they can constantly keep producing high-quality content for Facebook.”

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