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5 Professionals for the Best Real Estate Partner Referrals - Real Estate Marketing That REALLY Works!

5 Professionals for the Best Real Estate Partner Referrals

Many real estate professionals are missing out on the opportunity of getting leads when they do not form referral partnerships with other agents. Many persons who are new to the community or neighborhood look up to the real estate agent as the person to go to who is expected to know almost everything about the community. That is why real estate agents have to be thinking strategically and have to know who are the right persons to introduce their clients to in order to satisfy and meet their needs. The introductions that one sets up in partnerships can also turn out to become leads. It has been realized that 80 person of people seek out a business referral before they make a definite decision for a purchase. That means to catch in on this, real estate agents need to make partnerships. The author then lists five professionals real estate agents can make partnerships with. These partnerships can lead to leads that are loyal and reliable. The first professional for leads and partnership is home service providers. Home service providers usually know a lot more than they tell about people who are selling their homes. The other category are lawyers. They usually know a lot about what is happening in the community.

Key Takeaways:

  • The author states that for a real estate agent to get the opportunities that exists in a neighborhood along with hot leads he must have a referral partnership.
  • A real estate agent has to be thinking strategically and anticipate all the needs of their clients might be before they start asking.
  • Referrals help to grow the business together for a successful outcome and a research study has shown that 80 percent of people look for referrals from others.

“As a realtor you’re expected to be the person that is well connected and can make introductions for just about anything someone new to the neighborhood might need or is looking for.”

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