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5 Real Estate Marketing Ideas for Tech Savvy Agents

Determining your target audience doesn’t have to be a complicated task. You can gather this information easily by hosting polls on Facebook, or even running an ad campaign that offer some type of reward if customers offer you some insight. Once you’ve successfully determined who your target audience is, focus on finding ways to sell experiences with each property. You can do this by including things like parks and other community features with each real estate listing.

Key Takeaways:

  • It is imperative that you know your audience before creating a marketing strategy. Familiarize yourself with their demographics, interests, and what sites they go to online.
  • Traditional methods of marketing may still prove effective, but when it comes to engaging with your clients, modern digital marketing is essential.
  • It has been proven that live video is one of the most influential ways to gain the attention of consumers. Many realtors use live videos for property viewings.

“Every now and then, a high-quality property flies off the housing market as soon as it’s listed. The sellers are happy that they can move on, the buyer has their dream home, and you generated some revenue. However, selling homes at breakneck speed is anything but typical.”

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