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5 Tips When Doing A Follow-Up Call With Your Real Estate Client – ZipMatch

Following up with a real estate client is an important step to keep your potential client. You should do this promptly as they may be talking to a different agent. The longer you wait the lower the chance you turn the interested party into an actual home buyer. Before you call look at their preferences so can speak intelligently about the client’s needs. Focus your comments to how you can be of use to your client instead of just bragging about prior accomplishments.

Key Takeaways:

  • One shouldn’t be doing follow up calls on prospects to the point that they become frustrated and disappointed by your aggressiveness in marketing.
  • People into marketing should realize that time is of the essence in marketing so they should not wait to follow up.
  • One should make sure he understands the client’s preferences before he picks up the phone call because it can be embarrassing if one doesn’t.

“Converting a phone call into a successful sale depends so much on the salesperson’s skill.”

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