5 Unconventional Ways to Grow Your Business Using Twitter – Entrepreneur

Twitter delivers a form of digital marketing that other social media platforms fail to measure up to. Utilizing Twitter’s search tool can help build your business by searching terms that are relevant to your industry. For instance, real estate agents find that searching for terms about moving to certain cities can help them connect with potential home buyers in a specific region. You can also easily find important business contacts through the same method of searching.

Key Takeaways:

  • When compared to other social network platforms like Facebook and Instagram, Twitter may pale in size and it does not attract most businesses as LinkedIn.
  • Many people on social media do not have a strategy on social media, they just post content and hope that the right people see them.
  • One key success tip in Twitter is that a business can use it to test the tactics that will make it to be attractive to potential customers.

“This network is one of the best places online to gain leads through important relationships, market research and more, and you don’t even have to gain followers to make an impact.”

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