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6 Offline (and Online) Real Estate Marketing Strategies for New Agents – HomeSpotter Blog

Being New to Real Estate Marketing can be overwhelming, but there are 6 quick tips for online & offline strategies you need to add to your bag of tricks!! 1. Use Rep Marketing to promote yourself as a local expert! 2. Network your way to the top through local events! 3. Focus on *qualified leads* so remember it is quality, not quantity, that counts here! 4. Target ‘cold listings’ to breath life back into a stale sale! 5. Use free local online marketing to your advantage! And my favorite, 6. Use online reviews, recommendations, and testimonials to make your presence shine!

Key Takeaways:

  • National Association of Realtors found in their survey that people use real estate agents for all sorts of issues when they want to buy or sell a house.
  • Real estate agents find that the landscape is competitive and so to be successful they have learned to use a wide variety of traditional and innovative methods.
  • Networking is a great tool for real estate agents because it helps them to be locally focused and also to stand out from the crowd.

“Instead of trying to sell them on why they need to hire you, act as a resource”

Read more: https://blog.homespotter.com/2018/12/13/marketing-strategies-new-real-estate-agents/