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6 Stats to Transform Your Real Estate Digital Marketing :: HookLead

Digital marketing techniques have transformed the real estate industry. The fact that almost a third of home buyers are Millennials makes it especially critical to use social media effectively if you want to draw their attention. It should come as no surprise that 80 percent of buyers will look online — we use Google for just about everything else, so why not buying a home? You need a mobile-friendly website with lots of pictures. The good news is, 88 percent of buyers will seek the help of a real estate agent to navigate the complex process of buying a home.

Key Takeaways:

  • There has been increasing transformation seen in the real estate market in recent years and one trend is that social media is boosting that transformation.
  • With the knowledge that 32 percent of millenials are home buyers, one should use that knowledge to try to influence millenials in his digital marketing.
  • One needs to tap into the social media aspect of marketing and target specific age dynamics which could be through a Facebook event or Instagram post.

“Take some amazing, high-quality photos of the property for sale and post them on the company’s public Instagram account. Don’t forget to immediately begin sharing the photo on all of your other social accounts to reach an even larger audience.”

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