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Crafting Captivating Real Estate Email Subject Lines - Real Estate Marketing That REALLY Works!

Crafting Captivating Real Estate Email Subject Lines

A captivating email subject line is essential to entice potential property buyers to open your property listing emails. Email subject lines should be kept short since almost half of all emails are read on a mobile device. Adding a bit of urgency is also likely to capture the readers attention and get them to open the email. Words like “new” and “last chance” make it feel like the time to act is limited. A personalized email is also likely to get more interest than a generic one. Use the buyers target location in the subject line to peek their interest. Above all, however, be honest, and avoid the use of click bait tactics. You may get your buyer to open the email but you are unlikely to convert them to a client.

Key Takeaways:

  • Users are highly aware of click bait; the subject line is your time to intentionally convey the intent of your message
  • Pay attention to the fact that most of your users are going to see your message on a smaller screen
  • Don’t use deception just to increase your website traffic, get creative while retaining morals

“You’re not trying to write them a novel—you only want to give them enough to entice them.”

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