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Digital Marketing for Real Estate Agents: 5 Opportunities You Can’t Miss Out On

Real estate agents have a really hard job in that they are trying to sell people on the hardest purchase of their entire life. These agents must be personable and nice with their approach to every customers because they need to make them feel comfortable. A lot of people are scared about buying their first homes. Digital marketing is huge for real estate agents because it gives customers a first impression of the home, or person, that they are dealing with.

Key Takeaways:

  • Real estate agent, Jason Fox, believes there are 6 crucial steps for real estate agents that want to garner leads.
  • He further believes there are 5 essential goals for a site dedicated to real estate.
  • In Fox’s opinion, a real-estate property search enabled site (IBX site) is best served by 7 specific IBX plugins.

“The knowledge graph adds additional information whenever someone is searching on your branded search term.”

Read more: https://www.jasonfox.me/digital-marketing-real-estate-agents-5-opportunities-cant-miss/