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Digital Marketing Tips for Real Estate Businesses | Odolena Kostova

Digital marketing is very important to real estate agents, but it mostly serves as a way to field inquiries and route prospective buyers to the sales team, since generally it involves transactions which are too large to be completed online. The most basic tool for real estate digital marketing is a Google My Business profile with a verified phone number, which can boost your SEO placement and also let you also set your Google search ads up with location and call extension enabled.

Key Takeaways:

  • The real estate sector tends to use digital marketing mostly as a means to connect prospective leads with the sales staff.
  • One absolutely crucial element of digital marketing is a Google My Business profile, which includes a verified phone number and offers a panoply of useful features.
  • For relatively niche markets, you’ll need to use data to precisely understand and target your potential buyers.

“You can respond to these via the newly launched app. Imagine a high affluence buyer spots your development on their way to another house viewing.”

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