Video Meetings! NEW Zoom & Google Meet Channels in EngageCE

New - Video Meeting Channels in EngageCE

Great news! We’ve just added Zoom and Google Hangouts Meet as new video meetings messaging channels for the EngageCE Conversation Engine.

With the current social distancing, people worldwide have discovered the power of video meetings to connect with distant family and friends. And now you can easily schedule similar conversations with your prospects for a unique and highly personal experience.

Face-to-face video meetings help build trust with your leads. Sitting down at a “virtual table”, you can chat about issues in a way that feels more personal than a standard phone call. (And MUCH more than text or email.) Video creates an unbeatable sense of connection.

Zoom and Google Hangouts Meet are robust video meeting solutions, with HD video & audio, recordings, screen sharing, easy group chat, password security, and more. They work great with any device and don’t require hefty software downloads.

And now with Engage you can create new video meetings with just one click! Scheduled meetings appear on your calendar, and you can email the meeting link directly from within Engage. You can even start instant meetings if you’re chatting with a prospect who’s open to jumping on a video call.

Just click the Zoom or Google Hangouts Meet button to create a video meeting.

Use video meetings for lots of different lead capture and prospect services:

  • small-group Q&A sessions
  • virtual open houses (review and discuss property details)
  • buyer & listing presentations
  • reviewing buyer & seller agreements
  • …and anytime you want a personal, face-to-face conversation

Video Meetings Channels available now!

Both Zoom and Google Hangouts Meet are available now in Engage to further expand your communication options. Note that you’ll need a Zoom Pro and/or Google G Suite account to connect them. Our Marketing Support team can help you set those up, and demonstrate how to create scheduled and instant meetings. Click here to schedule an appointment today.

Committed to Your Success,
Stephen Raitt
President & Co-Founder
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Stephen Raitt

Stephen Raitt

Stephen Raitt is the President and Co-Founder of Success Real Estate Marketing.