Facebook Features Real Estate Agents Should Know About – Wade Webb Real Estate Coaching

Every single real estate agent in the world should use Facebook. They should post images and have links to their Facebook page. Sure, it does not have to be their only avenue to market their products but it is a massive platform. Having a public Facebook page with all of your listings on it is so smart! It has become much more user friendly for real estate agents as Facebook has noticed the massive market that it is.

Key Takeaways:

  • The people who are trying to sell properties should look to social media to help them in the process.
  • Some agents do not understand the power of marketing on large platforms with lots of potential consumers.
  • It is no secret that selling properties is a difficult task as it is a massive purchase in someone’s life.

“Most real estate agents are big on giving back, and Facebook makes it even easier to show you care.”

Read more: https://agentsboost.com/facebook-features-real-estate-agents/