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Five Ways Real Estate Agents Become Influencers On Twitter - Real Estate Marketing That REALLY Works!

Five Ways Real Estate Agents Become Influencers On Twitter

Real estate agents are essentially glorified marketing agents. The only issue is that they are trying to sell somebody on a massive decision. The people who are influencers on social media are usually trying to sell something small to the people that they are trying to target. For real estate, it is really different as it is for a house, or an apartment. The stakes are higher. However, social media is still a viable platform for these people.

Key Takeaways:

  • For a real estate business to have a twitter presence, it needs to have a strong profile photo, a colorful and compelling twitter background and location.
  • You need to tweet engaging content and that means getting up-to-date with the news and happenings in your area of business.
  • To boost twitter engagement, a business needs to have a good call-to-action in its tweet. Using words like “you”, “please”, and “help” have been found to be beneficial.

“Twitter is a favorite social channel for businesses – it’s low cost, immediacy and inherently viral nature make it one of the most efficient ways to connect with customers and influencers within the real estate industry.”

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