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Here's How to Write Real Estate Ad Titles That Grab Attention - Real Estate Marketing That REALLY Works!

Here’s How to Write Real Estate Ad Titles That Grab Attention

When one does a lot of writing in his real estate business, the author states that this writing can be a great help to those who want to attract clients through advertising. He notes that the best way to catch buyers early is to create ads that engage them and make them come to the company. So he has written this blog post on how to make that important ad title something that can grab client’s attention. The internet came at a time when many real estate agents thought they had got it right and were successful in their advertisement titles. But yet the author believes that agents should not throw away all the best practices they have learned over the years despite the fact that the Internet has brought a lot of changes to the industry. What they might still need is a headline that catches the reader’s attention and they would have some little space in which to place the headline. And with the syndication of listings, the Internet has brought some complications to the Industry. An example of this is realtor.com. Realtor.com gets listings from local MLSs and then syndicates these listings for its site. Everything on the site then becomes an address that is linked. That goes to show that sometimes an attention grabbing headline might not be necessary.

Key Takeaways:

  • Those who do a great deal of writing in their real estate business would be happy to find the help that the author is putting forward.
  • To gain clients and keep them, one does not need to do a lot of writing but to create ads that catch them and keep them engaged.
  • The internet came as a disruptive force for real estate marketing just at the time when many of them thought they had mastered the art of writing advertisement titles.

“Just take a look at Realtor.com, as it gets listings from local MLS’s and re-formats them for the site. Everything becomes a linked address — which in all honestly isn’t the best example of an attention-grabbing headline or title.”

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