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How Do Real Estate Agents Find Clients? - Real Estate Marketing That REALLY Works!

How Do Real Estate Agents Find Clients?

For real estate agents “farming” refers to generating leads in specific neighborhoods. The strategies to accomplish this are changing with time. Walking neighborhoods and distributing postcards via the mail is still an effective means of generating leads. One must also have a web presence in addition to be effective. Use your website to give more robust info than would fit on a postcard. In order to be effective make sure the neighborhood you are farming is directed to a landing page with info specific to them.

Key Takeaways:

  • Farming has a lot of connotation to different industries and in real estate it refers to the generation of leads in specific communities.
  • Real estate agent should ensure that they don’t throw out what works and one of them is real estate direct mailing services.
  • Postcard faming in neighborhoods works for many real estate agents and it involves regularly sharing relevant and updated information with residents of a specific community.

“Real estate farming of neighborhoods has always been a very effective tool for real estate agent success. However, in today’s mobile and Internet world, agents must adapt to achieve maximum success when farming neighborhoods.”

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