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How To Ask For Real Estate Referrals On Facebook

Facebook referrals are a way for real estate agents to acquire more clients, and several techniques can refine the process of asking for referrals. Keeping the request simple is key. As well, ending your request with an easy way for people to refuse is another technique to make yourself come across favorably. Using Facebook stories can also help. By providing a short story and pictures related to your work, you can ease people into a referral request without it coming across as a sale’s pitch.

Key Takeaways:

  • Maybe you feel that asking for referrals makes you seem like the stereotypical pushy salesperson.
  • When you give someone the opportunity to make a referral, it usually makes that person feel good.
  • Give clear, specific instructions on how to send the referral and provide an email address or some other way where people can easily respond.

“This is a huge number; ninety percent of your business will come from one source, yet it is one of the items that most real estate agents struggle with.”

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