How To Get Clients Into Your Real Estate Referral Programs

Real Estate Agents can greatly benefit from referrals. Apart from existing clients, there’s no other better market to focus on, as referrals come from an existing source. However, Real Estate Agents often overlook the value of referrals, and a very large amount of agents didn’t have any plan to get referrals. Getting a constant flow of referrals takes work, and requires agents to ask for them. Many agents overlook the value in gaining new customers this way; it is usually cheaper to gain leads from existing customers, than any other manner.

Key Takeaways:

  • For real estate agents, generating a referral system is key to gain new clients.
  • The key to gain referrals is to commit to a plan and follow-up with previous clients.
  • Referral marketing messages should focus solely on what the real estate agent can do for the client.

“Another key thing to remember is that while there is value in getting the referral to hire you once, the long-term profits are in your ability to convert the referral into a life-long client.”

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