How to Rake In The Leads With Your Real Estate Website

68% of realtors say that their websites don’t give them any leads. Here are some ways to fix that. Make sure that your website is capable of capturing leads. Test your website to be sure that is operating smoothly and will give the visitor a good experience. Will it work with tablets or smart phones? Make sure that the site is not slow and clunky, people want fast. Once your site is optimized then you will be ready to get some leads. A lot of realtors give away free home valuations to get email addresses and leads. Giving away buyer and sellers guides will also generate leads. Set up a CTA button that will let the viewer subscribe to a monthly report will also work. You can also use a live chat button or have a click-to-call button.

Key Takeaways:

  • Adding a positive, useful, and relevant user experience to your website is crucial to gaining new leads.
  • Ensure your listing is optimized for industry placement and SEO is correctly implemented.
  • Minimize the amount of unnecessary plugins and addons, to increase the speed of your site.

“Before doing any ads or SEO, you need to make sure your website is built to capture those leads.”

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