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Improving Productivity With Follow Up Emails For Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents want to feel as if they are not wasting their time. In a transaction where you are going to be spending a ton of money, you want your agent to be doing a ton of work and trying to do everything in their power to get you a good deal. With that being said, it is a two way street. By sending follow up emails to an agent, they will know you are serious.

Key Takeaways:

  • Real estate agents are people just like the buyers of the many houses that are on the market.
  • Many real estate agents feel as if some prospective buyers are wasting their time.
  • If you are to follow up with an agent, they will know that you are serious.

“This is Ash from Prostate Realtors and we met at a property buying conference in Chicago last month. You had expressed then that you are likely to move to Chicago some time next month and I was thinking that this might just be the right time to initiate contact with you in case you’re looking for rentals in Illinois area.”

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