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Lead with branding

Many real estate agents prefer realtor.com because they help in real time and update often. The realtors can determine which properties are being looked at and where the interest is. There are people out there that know exactly what they want and can buy very quickly. To be successful, once a client indicates that there is interest do not let the lead go. Contact them regularly, at least twice a week. Follow up is key with clients the biggest thing to remember is communication and follow through. Answer your phone and call back!

Key Takeaways:

  • The key to making a sale is persistence. Do not stop interacting and communicating with potential buyers until they tell you to stop.
  • You need to be an effective communicator to be an effective at selling. Answer the phone and call potential clients back.
  • realtor.com is an excellent site because they update properties available regularly and you can tell what clients are interested in.

“discusses handling leads, from how to convert to her most profitable sources.”

Read more: https://industry.realtor.com/success-stories/brand-as-expert-then-leads