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Make a Better Connection with Network Savvy

Selling real estate via a network is a must for the modern realtor. Setting up a network can boost productivity by allowing sales people and administrative workers to use software as needed, simultaneously. The market is competitive enough and the window of opportunity is short lived. Having everything you need when you need it is crucial to making a sale. It is best to do research on which type of network is best for your business or to hire a professional that can help you decide.

Key Takeaways:

  • Those in the real estate business should find themselves faced with the need to link their computers with a network one day no matter how small the business is.
  • When a network is installed in an office, it facilitates the sharing of information by centralizing that information so people can communicate without leaving their desks.
  • In the real estate market where responses are meant to be fast and immediate, a network can boost the effectiveness and efficiency of employees.

“With more computers in use in homes and offices, there has been a real push among computer vendors to get computer users thinking in terms of creating networks, even at home, where you might only have a couple of computers and peripherals. Options range from home network kits to adapters which use home wiring to create the network to wireless solutions.”

Read more: https://magazine.realtor/technology/tech-watch/article/2000/09/make-a-better-connection-with-network-savvy