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Marketing Automation for Real Estate: A Handy Guide for Agents | Placester

Real estate marketing has evolved over time. Instead of billboards, flyers, and cold calls, agents can now rely on digital marketing as their primary marketing plan. Digital marketing can be automated to be streamlined. Automation allows you to schedule blog posts, emails and other forms of digital content to be sent out on a schedule in the future. There are applications that can schedule blog posts, emails and even social media posts. This automation does not create the content. You will still have to write the blogs, emails and posts.

Key Takeaways:

  • There has been enormous evolution in real estate marketing and the era of using flyers, billboards, or cold calling on leads have long gone.
  • In today’s world you need an inbound marketing strategy to reach your audience and marketing automation in order to maximize the real estate lead generation.
  • Marketing automation helps you to send your blog post, share your tweets, and send your emails with software at times that are more convenient.

“In short, marketing automation is the act of syncing your real estate marketing efforts to software that makes publishing, sharing, and analyzing your content a cinch.”

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