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New Prospects for Digital Marketing with Augmented Reality | UpCity

Augmented reality is a huge trend in business marketing and sales, and will only become more popular as the technology improves. One example is the popular mobile app Pokemon Go, which was the first example of how augmented reality can be applied on a huge scale to sell and improve a product. Augmented reality can also improve the amount of engagement a customer is involved in with a company’s product. Ikea uses augmented reality to sell furniture, and Sephora uses it to sell makeup.

Key Takeaways:

  • Augmented reality has many uses in our modern economy, providing customers the chance to try products before ordering them.
  • Sephora successfully uses augmented reality, in its app to help customers try out makeup before buying it.
  • Augmented reality can help boost sales in every industry, as it provides customers a chance to try the product, whatever the product is.

“If you are a marketer and want to know how augmented reality can help your business, here are new AR perspectives for digital marketing.”

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