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Online Lead Follow Up Plan for Modern Real Estate Agents

It is essential for real estate agents in the modern era to follow a good follow-up plan. This will enable them to maximize money potential and provide a great experience for clients. Within five minutes of receiving a lead, make a phone call to the client and be prepared to offer a complete response. Ensure that initial call is followed up with a professional video email that will really add to an impressive client experience. Withing a business day, continue to follow-up with emails, personalized handwritten notes, and be ready to provide some valuations on recommended items. Continue following-up regularly to put you ahead of your competition. Finally, within five days, you should be able to establish email alerts to go to your client when anything of interest to them comes up.

Key Takeaways:

  • Lead generation problems are a rarity among many agents but the problem they most commonly have is a lead follow up problem.
  • The first thing to do in your lead follow up plan is to make sure that immediately a client shows interest you should call within five minutes.
  • Always leave your clients with the wow experience by calling them fast and in a responsive way to answer their questions and make them acquainted with you.

“If you don’t have an online lead follow up plan, you’re leaving money on the table and definitely not providing a WOW client experience.”

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