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Personalizing a Red Carpet Experience for your Clients

Online shopping can seem impersonal, something that’s particularly noticeable when shopping luxury brands. For many, luxury purchases can be a big decision, as they come with hefty prices. When working with clients looking to make luxury purchases, you should ensure that each stage of the buying process has some sort of personal touch. Your content should stand out from the crowd, and be sure to capture the client’s email for future engagement. Offer discounts for VIPs and don’t skimp on the specials. Virtual chat offers a particularly appealing form of engagement and quarterly events help to create repeat customers.

Key Takeaways:

  • The online luxury shopping experience can feel increasingly impersonal these days.
  • Luxury purchases are a major financial decision for many clients and they want to know they’re getting value.
  • Each step of the luxury buying experience, or touch point, should feel significant and memorable.

“The more that you are able to personalize the experiences that your customers have, the easier it is for them to pass up other brands who don’t treat them like part of the family.”

Read more: https://www.flaggship.com/blog/luxury-means-personalizing-the-red-carpet-experience-for-your-customers/