Planning A Strong Content Strategy For Real Estate Agents

Most Important Approach to Real Estate Marketing! As a Real Estate Agent, I know the marketing struggle is real! I’m in the Long Island, New York market and it is brutal out here! After a lot of careful research and consideration, I highly recommend building a strong content strategy! What will set your service apart from all the other agents flooding the market? Your CLIENTS!! I’m a Seller’s Agent, so I specifically cater to the Seller, touting how I can sell your home for the most money possible! But if you are typically a Buyer’s Agent, you’re going to boast about your ability to et the lowest price possible! You’re not going to sell a studio condo to Millionaires, nor would you waste anyone’s time dragging a modest-income family to a multi-Million dollar Compound! So don’t let your marketing have the wrong conversation! Let us know if you’d like to learn more!!

Key Takeaways:

  • Content marketing could be described as anything like blogs, social media, or email that one produces with the intention that a potential buyer or seller would notice you.
  • Many real estate agents hear a lot about content market and they are fired to get a website or blog without really knowing how it fits their marketing plan.
  • Real estate marketers who are into content marketing need to know who they are prospecting. Prospecting could be done for buyers or sellers.

“Content marketing for real estate agents is much different than “regular” marketing. If you get this wrong you can waste a lot of time and money doing random bits and pieces, but never have an overall plan to actually get more buyers and sellers.”

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