Ready To Stand Out In Real Estate? Try These 13 Attention-Grabbing Tactics

Members of the Forbes Real Estate Council panel offered advice on how to attract attention to your property listing. One member said people will pay attention if you show that you know them. Another adds that you should tailor your message to your audience. Being engaged with the community you serve will help, which includes posting relevant local content on your site. Other recommendations include holding an event, such as a grand opening or fundraiser, and creating a blog or vlog. These are just some of the ways to stand out against the competition.

Key Takeaways:

  • Start by figuring out who your audience is so that you can create meaningful content to attract them.
  • Get engaged with your community, particularly by posting humorous, positive snippets online.
  • Create a blog or a vlog to draw people in and capture their attention.

“No matter how great that property or up-and-coming neighborhood is, it doesn’t make a difference if people aren’t looking.”

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