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Real Motivated or Real Disciplined? Secrets of Real Estate Success

Real estate success is somewhat rare, but if you are successful in the field you can expect a huge amount of profit. Motivation is what inspires us to go out and take action and get what we want. Discipline on the other hand is all about committing to your craft and doing the best job you can no matter the circumstances. The secret to real estate success is being disciplined because motivation depends on your mood. Discipline means committing no matter your mood or emotions. You need to build good habits and get rid of your negative ones in order to become a better and more disciplined real estate agent.

Key Takeaways:

  • We live in a fast-paced world where everything we have is at the touch of a cell phone or computer screen.
  • There are two choices when thinking about real estate. One is motivation which is prompted by feelings and the other is discipline which is governed by each individual person.
  • The final tie breaker is habit which can leash both motivation and discipline and can be trained to make you a successful person.

“Agents had to be extremely motivated to make sales calls, because there were no pocket-sized cell phones with unlimited texting. Imagine, actually having to mail pictures to your clients, or sit down with them to flip through a physical photo album!”

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