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Six Methods for Expanding Your Real Estate Newsletter

Having a newsletter when you are in the real estate industry is critical for your bottom line. You first want to grow your newsletter with an opt in form. Keep in mind that everybody loves something for nothing so offer a free resource. You can even provide a free email course on a specific and targeted topic. When you are communicating, always have a link to your landing page and while you are browsing, look for a relevant blog that is trendy and post about it. This interaction will be a big hit with your followers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Every new lead a realtor receives can be a potential sale, so a newsletter may be critical. You want to be sure to have an opt in form in your newsletter, along with free resources to boast subs.
  • You can offer courses on topics of interest to your clients. Make sure you have a link to your landing page in this letter.
  • Make sure you include a link that enables your subscribers to forward the information in the letter. Finally you can write a guest post to what is relevant to your blog.

“Having a robust real estate newsletter email list is key for any real estate agent.”

Read more: https://www.flyerco.com/blog/six-methods-for-expanding-your-real-estate-newsletter/