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Six Things Every Listing Agent Should Be Doing For Their Sellers

Taking on the position of helping someone sell their home is a serious endeavor, and every realtor should follow certain rules to ensure a selling process that is as smooth and effective as possible. The first step in this process is to price the house correctly. Pricing a home is a detailed skill that involves several analytical aspects, and becoming familiar with this formula is imperative in correctly pricing each property. You are also going to want to become knowledgeable in every marketing channel like newsletter and video marketing.

Key Takeaways:

  • Listing agents need to be proficient with all the elements of marketing, including choosing good photographers and promoting the listing on social media.
  • Your negotiation skills are crucial, as all clients will expect you to fight hard to get them a good deal.
  • While it is not mandatory that you attend the home inspection, doing so will leave you better prepared for concession negotiations with buyers.

“Learning how to properly price a home is the most important skill to develop. It involves a clear understanding of the market along with comparable sales. Take the time to properly learn how to price a home and you will develop a reputation as someone who knows what they are doing.”

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