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Six Tips To Boost Your Production

Ron Cronin says that 10% of all the real estate agents did over 90% of all the sales according to the NAR. The first tip is to become the listing agent and follow your script. If you have your script memorized then you can pay more attention to your client’s tone and body language. Develop and memorize a listing presentation. The third tip is to know all the statistics in your market. How many houses sold? Make it a habit to view your market’s statistics every Monday. Number four on the list is to learn how to ask questions. A lot of brokers can talk and talk but they don’t listen. Ask questions and listen to your client. What is your value presentation? Why should the client use you as their real estate agent? Number five is to ask yourself these questions. The last on the list is to video yourself making a presentation. Watch it and analyse it and learn how to get better.

Key Takeaways:

  • Memorizing your sales pitch can better allow you to polish and refine the flow.
  • Having the pitch memorized will allow you to study and focus on your body language and pay closer attention to the client.
  • Making a list of points, and having expert knowledge of the market will allow trust to build more easily.

“… you can now focus on your customers, what they’re saying, the tonality in their voice, their body language, mirroring and matching … you can focus on all of those important things.”

Read more: https://www.mikeferry.com/six-tips-to-boost-your-production/