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Small Business: Email is a marketer's best friend - Newsday - Real Estate Marketing That REALLY Works!

Small Business: Email is a marketer’s best friend – Newsday

Email marketing is still extremely important for small businesses, even when sites like Facebook make the concept seem obsolete. Contrary to the common opinion, most marketers queried in a study said that email was the most important means of marketing. Email is direct and can be personalized, so it can be tailored to specific customers in ways that things like TV commercials can’t be. Examples of this are special offers for products similar to those that a customer was looking for on your website. Mostly send out emails with useful information, and fewer emails that implore customers to take action, for example buying a product. Make sure your emails are formatted to be readable on mobile phones.

Key Takeaways:

  • Email is considered an “active” marketing channel in that doesn’t wait for consumers to come across it.
  • Keys to a good marketing email include personalization and an engaging subject line.
  • So much email is read on smart phones today, it is essential for messages to be mobile friendly.

“A helpful formula is 75% of email messages should contain shareable, relevant and useful information and the other 25% could have a direct marketing message or call to action (i.e., a call for a consultation, etc.), says Ulrich.”

Read more: https://www.newsday.com/business/customer-pr-marketing-email-1.36817690