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Social Advertising 101: What it is and Why You Need it

The antiquated way of finding business was to buy a lead list and hope for the best. In today’s world social media has become the norm. At the very least a business needs to create a Facebook page. 75% of all adults are registered to Facebook. It is hard to get your page noticed though, unless you opt to use Facebook Ads. You can create Brand Awareness this way and promote your business and events. People spend an average of 5 hours a day on their smart phones and 60% of all consumers click on mobile ads weekly. It takes 5 to 7 times before a brand is recognizable. You can use Outbound Engine social ads to help manage your brand and target your audience.

Key Takeaways:

  • Marketing data suggests that the amount of spend business allocate to social media is likely to rise up to almost 90% by 2022.
  • Social advertising is the preferred format for today, replacing the now outdated norm of buying leads.
  • Buying lead lists was always risky for a variety of reasons, including the ever-present uncertainty that a specific lead was not already sold.

“Having your content seen and consumed is what helps keep your name and business in front of your customers and potential customers.”

Read more: https://www.outboundengine.com/blog/what-is-social-advertising/