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Stop failing on Facebook: 8 ways to rake in the real estate leads

Some of the real reason why real estate agents have no idea how to generate leads on facebook is because: 1. They focus on the likes on the business pages. 2. They focus on boosting their posts because that is what everyone seems to be doing. 3. Their pages are branding brochures. These are many other reasons real estate agents fail on facebook. Lead generation on facebook according to the author is about inbound marketing strategy. Yes, inbound marketing. Real estate agents should not lose sight of the ways facebook can help them in generating leads by concentrating on the old outbound ways of marketing. They should treat their facebook business pages like an inbound marketing channel. That is when the results will start pouring in. They will bring in quality and targeted leads into their campaign in ways they never dreamed of.

Key Takeaways:

  • Most real estate agents have no idea how running ads on facebook works because most times they usually focus on getting likes on their page.
  • The truth for real estate agents with a facebook page is that it is not about engagement, or getting likes, or boosting their posts to be effective.
  • Facebook for real estate marketing is about inbound marketing strategy. The facebook page should be treated like an inbound marketing channel that it is.

“Someone else is running a page ad targeted towards a specific ZIP code, so that’s what they do.”

Read more: https://www.inman.com/next/stop-failing-on-facebook-8-ways-to-rake-in-the-real-estate-leads/