Craig Proctor Coaching System Member Benefits

Craig Proctor and Success have worked together since 1998 developing and perfecting the most comprehensive online marketing platform for real estate agents.

Introducing... The Success Path:

In this essential video for new Craig Proctor Members, CP Coach Blake Cory and Success Technology Specialist Kristie Filion give you a clear path to getting started with the Digital Marketing elements of the Craig Proctor system. Watch the video ASAP and download the accompanying Getting Started checklist.

Included with your Craig Proctor Coaching System membership:

The Success Real Estate Marketing Platform is an integral part of the Craig Proctor Coaching System

Craig feels that it is so important to your success with his system that he has arranged for all new Craig Proctor Coaching System members to get the following included with your membership:

Craig's Lead Generation SuccessWebsite

Included FREE for Members!

  1. Your very own Less-Branded Craig Proctor Lead Generation SuccessWebsite; and
  2. License to use Craig’s proven Coaching member campaigns for as long as you remain a member (VALUE $5,000/yr.)

The $1,500 setup fee as well as the monthly fee of $150/month for this is included for as long as you remain a member in good standing.
(TOTAL VALUE: $8,300)

PLUS: The Craig Proctor/Success Digital Marketing Implementation Plan

We'll Setup, Personalize and Manage Your Own Version of Craig's Success Platform and Run Your First Ads For You!

Over the course of your first six months in the Craig Proctor Coaching System, we work with all the new members in your Coaching Group on a scheduled Digital Marketing Implementation Plan that will get you up to speed and making money working the system. Here’s what YOU get:

1. Setup Your Own Success Real Estate Marketing Platform

You’ll get everything your business needs to affordably ATTRACT the best prospects in your marketCAPTURE their attentionENGAGE and create client conversations and most importantly, CONVERT them to deals using the Craig Proctor System! This is the same proven platform used by Craig and all of his best Coaching and Platinum members. It has taken over 20 years to develop and perfect and we’ll work with you and your coach to personalize and implement it for you and your business. 

2. We'll Setup and Co-Manage Your Facebook Ads

We’ll run and optimize your Facebook ad campaigns on the platform for you! Run the best proven ads without wasting your time or worrying about making costly mistakes. You are always be in control of your budget and lead spend.

This includes setting up the ad, configuring a response page, tying in your MLS (for listing ads), “pixeling” your visitors for retargeting, and setting up the Engage sequence to maximize both leads and conversations.

IMPORTANT: Like any business platform, there are costs that you must pay to run the Success Real Estate Marketing Platform. However, Craig and Success have arranged to pay all of the setup fees and heavily subsidize your first eight months using the platform, including your first two months free. These subsidies total over $5,000 but are only available to new Craig Proctor Coaching system members in good standing. (Full details follow)

We'll do all the work for you to build your own version of Craig's Success platform!

Branded Craig Proctor SuccessWebsite and Social Hub

Start building your online brand with the ultimate Internet presence ever created for real estate agents. Customized for your business.

Engage Conversation Engine ready

Your leads are no good if you can’t talk with them. Multiply the effectiveness of all your advertising by automatically creating conversations with all your leads.

Engage’s autonomous Action Plans and Call-Assist dialer are both part of your package. You pay just $48 to activate your own private phone number for your business for one year. 800 nudges/month are included with the full package.

MLS Integration with SuccessHDX

The best buyer and seller prospects are always looking for the latest listings. Attract and automatically update prospects by connecting to your own MLS (where available).

Success CRM

The ONLY contact manager designed to work with the Craig Proctor System. Manage all your leads and advertising. Integrated Google Calendar. Craig Proctor Action Plans and follow-up scripts. View all the properties your prospects are looking at. Multiple users and permissions. Automated social prospecting. Complete prospect history and call recordings. And much more!

We’ll even help you import your existing database. Data augmentation services available.

Track My Success Dashboard

You’ll always know which campaigns are working and which are not. Never waste another penny on advertising again. 

Track My Success works with all your leads and ad sources including social media.

Coaching Group Timeline for New Members

Working with Craig for over 20 years, we’ve developed an implementation schedule that is proven to maximize the results of all clients we work with. You will receive group coaching and training on the system and this platform and it is really important that all new members get started right away so that you don’t get behind. That said, we’re happy to work with you and your Craig Proctor coach to determine the optimal implementation schedule for you and your business.

Month 1

  • Orientation webinar
  • Monthly 1-on-1 Action Call with a Success Digital Marketing Specialist
  • We’ll setup your Less-Branded Craig Proctor Lead Generation SuccessWebsite
  • Setup your “keystone” Facebook ad campaign and Engage sequence
  • Activate your own local Engage phone number
  • 200 Nudges/month included
  • Start generating leads quickly and affordably
  • Start having your first conversations with new prospects
  • Fill in required MLS paperwork to allow us to prepare for your HDX setup (where available)
  • Have a “baseline” number of leads and conversations with prospects
  • Start Jumpstart Video Training and biweekly Internet Marketing Webinar

Month 2

  • Monthly 1-on-1 Action Call with a Success Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Add HotList Delivery System to automatically fulfill your lead requests and keep them coming back to your website
  • Optimize and scale up your initial ad campaigns to maximize results. The goal is to be generating at least enough lead flow to create a steady flow of conversations and at least one deal per month from this campaign. Some members may wish to test a second campaign as well.
  • 200 Nudges/month included
  • Jumpstart Video Training and biweekly Internet Marketing Webinar 
  • Talking and working with new Buyers and Sellers as a result of your marketing efforts. Building your follow-up, conversion and appointment-setting skills. 🙂

Months 3-5

  • Monthly 1-on-1 Action Call with a Success Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Setup your Branded SuccessWebsite
  • Setup SuccessHDX* integrated MLS portal with your Branded SuccessWebsite
  • Setup HDX area HotLists for key areas
  • Graphics personalization for branded site
  • Setup Facebook tracking pixel on all pages of branded site for future remarketing campaigns
  • Setup affiliate pages and co-pay to provide marketing funds and pay for platform costs
  • 200 Nudges/month included
  • Jumpstart Video Training and biweekly Internet Marketing Webinar

Month 6 and beyond...

  • Monthly 1-on-1 Action Call with a Success Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Co-Management of additional ad campaigns
  • Co-Management of Retargeting campaigns
  • Ongoing Re-Engagement of existing database
  • Google Adwords Co-management*
  • Social/SEO Co-management*
  • Data supplementation* – Turning buyer leads into seller leads
  • Months 6-8: 400 Nudges included
  • Months 8+: 800 Nudges included
  • Much, much more… New strategies are being developed and shared by Coaching and Platinum members every week.

*May require additional charges

Plus, we'll help cover the costs to get you started! ($5,600 VALUE)

While you will eventually have to cover the cost to operate the Success Platform, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get started. We’d like to be a long-term partner in your success and are willing to invest in your future to make this happen.

Craig and Success will subsidize the setup and development of your Digital Marketing platform: 

  • Setup fee is waived (Save $3,200)
  • Craig will pay your first two (2) months for YOU! The only thing you pay to get started is $48 to activate your own local Engage phone number for a year.
  • Success will subsidize your next six (6) months allowing you to transition away from other vendors which you may no longer need. In months 3-5 you’ll pay just $199/month. Months 6-8 you’ll pay $399/month.
  • After 8 months, if you wish to continue on this managed plan you’ll pay $599/month. Most members stay on this plan, but we have options for less expensive plans ranging from $0/month (Craig Proctor Lead Generation SuccessWebsite only) up to $599/month. By the time you get to this point, you’ll fully understand the value of all our services and can choose the best package for you.
  • Members are responsible to pay all of their advertising and lead spend costs to promote their business. 

Most agents will start getting significant lead flow during their first two months and many will get their first deal as well. This first deal will usually cover the full cost of the platform for a year or more.

By the time you have to start paying the full platform fee, income generation from the system should be many times what it costs you. We’ll also show you how to find and get affiliated partners, like your mortgage and title company, to pay the entire platform fee as well as offset your advertising costs for you.

At this point, you’ll have a much better feel for the Craig Proctor System and you’ll also understand how the components of the Success Digital Marketing Platform fit together. Your cost will depend on what you want and the needs of your business. There are affordable packages to meet the needs of every agent. Most agents want to keep the entire Success system. Many are comfortable managing it themselves while others want one of our Digital Marketing Specialists to do it all for them. Many are happy with a co-managed solution. The amount of customization you want may also impact the cost. 

And remember, you can always change services or cancel entirely. As a Craig Proctor Coaching System member in good standing, you always get to keep Craig’s Lead Generation SuccessWebsite and your license to use Craig’s campaigns.

This special is ONLY available to Craig Proctor System Coaching members in good standing.

100% Guaranteed -- Cancel any time.

If you’re ever not happy with the platform or our services, you can cancel or change services at any time. Written cancellations take effect at the start of your next billing period.

How many Facebook Ads will you run for me?

Most agents start out with one or two and we don’t recommend you start with any more than this. We can only run ads with a minimum ad spend of $200/ad. If it makes sense for you, we will run additional ads.