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Technology-led optimisation obsession is limiting creativity in media agencies – AdNews

The desire for efficiency in media spending is posing a threat to creativity. While it is important to optimize client media spending, you cannot cut your way to growth. The cause of this unfortunate trend is the desire for technological solutions as a substitute for creative thinking. When brands have used media in creative ways, the results have been impressive. However, today, media is too often relegated to a delivery only system. What’s lacking is the understanding that decision-making processes aren’t rational, they are emotional. So creativity is necessary to work together with science to find the best solution. A purely technology driven strategy can’t achieve this.

Key Takeaways:

  • The author states when RFPs are used to measure the expectations of clients in media agencies, then these agencies are de-prioritizing creativity and innovative thinking.
  • The most important driving force behind media agencies is their desire to save more money and deliver outcomes that are more efficient.
  • According to the author if media agencies RFPs that emphasize on maximum reach and delivering it in an efficient way, then the industry is moving backwards.

“I believe creativity in media planning is being lost in the race to crack the best science. Marketers and agencies are spending too much time focussing on technologies as marketing solutions at the expense of creative media thinking.”

Read more: http://www.adnews.com.au/opinion/technology-led-optimisation-obsession-is-limiting-creativity-in-media-agencies