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Ten Best Smart Home Marketing Tips for Tech-Savvy Agents

As technology becomes more and more prevalent, homes are too. Real estate agents are finding out that they need to be educated on what the features of the smart homes do. Once a real estate agent is able to educate home buyers about the benefits of smart devices, they become known as experts. Experts in that field are more trustworthy. Smart home features range from extra security, to being able to personalize home settings. The light bulbs in the home use less electricity and there are camera systems, as well as digital guides that allow you to ask questions from the internet. Appliances are also being made with smarter technology to increase their functionality.

Key Takeaways:

  • Smart homes today feature an array of “smart” specific options, such as smart locks, smart thermostats and appliances.
  • The most savvy real estate agents should be seeking to stay ahead of the technology curve, by becoming well-versed in explaining smart homes and features to prospective clients.
  • Real estate agents would be well advised to get to know which “smart” features are trending in popularity, or show data that matches the to specific clients.

“Smart home devices “talk” to consumers and help them find information on the Internet, comment on a news story, and more.”

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