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The Advanced Guide to Commercial Real Estate Email Marketing | SharpLaunch

Email marketing is an incredible tool that is very powerful and all real estate agents in the commercial arena should be using it. Some of the ways they can use it is to reach prospects, engage their prospects in quality conversations, and convert those prospects into realistic deals. Since email provides a direct connection between a buyer and a seller, it has been seen to have a high ROI. The average ROI is estimated to be 3,000% and for every $1 spent on email marketing, the marketer is sure to realize $44. Yet, to make the email marketing campaign to be successful, they have to be targeted towards the prospects in a way that the prospects will agree to engage with the products and services that are being offered. The commercial real estate industry is one that is driven by word of mouth, referrals, and the strength of the relationships that is built and email marketing has been found to be very effective and low cost in this arena and it helps the business to stay top of mind with their prospects. Some of the benefits of email is that it provides valuable insights about the property of the business to prospects, and also prospects on the list are notified when new opportunities arise.

Key Takeaways:

  • When marketing by email you want to be more specific than sending out a blanket email. Realize your market and send to interested parties.
  • Keep an active email list. Cull out your contacts if they are old email addresses and have unsubscribed from you.
  • Avoid bad subject lines that seem to marketed and stick with something that will catch your recipients eye.

“This is an industry driven by referrals, word of mouth, and the strength of relationships, and email is one of the most effective and lowest cost ways to stay top of mind with your current clients and new prospects alike.”

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