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The Future Of Ad Tech Will Be A Return To Vertical – AdExchanger

The decade between the first year post the millennium and 2010 constituted the decade of vertical industries. Vertical industries, or niche industries that specialize in a specific area are distinct from horizontal industries, an increase obvious example being heakthcare, which covers a wide breadth. Vertical industries can emerge in any number of fields, such as finance or travel. They can target any age group of gender. Ad networks that were built around vertical industries were big money in the specified decade, because they showed such a large amount of growth. A number of post 2010 changes accounted for a shift in the direction of horizontal companies and horizontal advertising. Real time bidding was one. In the wake of giants, like Facebook, horizontal companies converged. Pundits, however, see a new place for vertical industries and their in-depth knowledge and skills returning to the business horizon. Those with vertical, or niche-specific needs are often overlooked by more wide-scale providers. With more buying options available, particularly when seeking a costly and hard to find item, odds are a niche or vertical business will provide the answer. Wise businesses realize that vertical advertising belongs in their business as much as horizontal advertising.

Key Takeaways:

  • There are opportunities to advertise to specialists in industries, versus the industry as a whole.
  • There is a large variety in the different types of style and language used to appeal to different levels of purchasers.
  • Appealing to niches and specialized individuals within an industry is often overlooked by large companies.

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