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The Power Of Text Messaging In Real Estate (And How To Do It Right)

The customers of today in the real estate business want responses that are lighting fast and any agent that can provide that will be sure of more conversions, more sales, and customer relationships that are stronger and long term. One solution to providing this response for real estate agents and pros in the industry is text messaging. It helps busy executives to respond fast without taking their time or burdening them with work. The author states that his experiences in the business is the proof that text messaging really works. The author confesses that he has sent about more than 100,000 texts while he is nurturing leads and building relationships in his real estate business. He has discovered that one of the most effective tools in their marketing arsenal is sending text messages. These texts help agents not just to send listings but to talk with their customers, ask them questions and get to know more about their preferences and likes. This ensures that the customer is loyal to the agent in the long term. The author states that his secret weapon is texting but warns that texting is not a solo activity but a two-way street of communication.

Key Takeaways:

  • Real estate consumers of today want responses that are lightning fast and any agent that can do that will have more conversions and leads.
  • A key way that agents and busy professionals can keep in touch with customers very quickly is by sending them text messages.
  • The author states that he has sent more than 100,000 text messages in his lead nurturing and marketing activities and its speed is unrivalled.

“When used right, it can be what sets you apart from the pack — what no other agent can mimic and take away from you. After all, those text conversations are unique to you, your customers and the strong relationships you’ve built as a result.”

Read more: https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbesrealestatecouncil/2019/05/01/the-power-of-text-messaging-in-real-estate-and-how-to-do-it-right/