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How To Automatically "Stay-In-Contact" Forever With Your Clients - Real Estate Marketing That REALLY Works!

How To Automatically “Stay-In-Contact” Forever With Your Clients

    As any savvy marketer will tell you, one of the keys to closing any deal and profiting from clients over the long term is a reliable follow-up system that delivers a proven sales message.  Frankly, nearly all businesses (not just realtors) fail dismally in this regard. 

    Follow-up has traditionally been a difficult and time-consuming task.  In most businesses, especially small businesses, new prospects are usually contacted only ONCE via mail or telephone.  There is always the good intention to follow up again later, but the discipline required to do this is sorely lacking.  There are always a million other things to do.  Sales appointments.  Walk-in customers.  Staff meetings.  Paperwork.  Dealing with that frustrated client whose home just won’t sell and steadfastly refuses to lower the price.  Always something else to do…

    Wouldn’t it be great if you could simply automate most of your follow-up process?  What if you could automatically, and with almost no effort on your part, educate every one of your clients making your services absolutely indispensable to them?

    The Stay-In-Contact Automatic Follow Up System that is included with each GOLD level Success Website allows you to get client and prospect follow-up off your “to-do lists” entirely by automating it completely, so it gets done for you precisely as you’d like it to under ideal circumstances: consistently and reliably.

    Much more than just a simple auto-responder, Stay-In-Contact is an automated email broadcasting system that sends follow-up email messages.  Educational email courses show your NOW and SOON customers that you’ve got the expertise and services to help them save thousands on the sale and purchase of a home. Newsletters remind your FUTURE customers that you’re still around. And, it’s so effortless that you’ll never again have to worry about sorting out tire-kickers and time wasters from real prospects.

    This system is more than just automated reminders about your services. Your prospects might view these as “junk mail” and your message would be immediately trashed. Stay-In-Contact broadcasts email courses and newsletters with useful and informative content — while promoting your services at the same time.

    Using the system is easy and takes a ridiculously small amount of effort. You simply add each person’s email address into the system, and you can be sure that they will receive your message automatically every two weeks for the critical first six months and then every month thereafter.  In fact, they can even sign themselves up for this service on your web site – you won’t have to do anything!  You don’t even have to write the messages.  The messages have been carefully designed and written by professional marketers and copywriters to maximize their effectiveness.

    For example, when dealing with prospects who are actively or soon to be “in the market”, Stay-In-Contact will send them a 12-part course entitled “Insider Real Estate Secrets Revealed” delivered by e-mail, in 15 day intervals.  Installments of this course include information about obtaining the best mortgage; how to set the right price to sell your home; how to “dress up” a home for sale; smart questions to ask before listing with an agent; and so forth. The whole “course” is designed to promote the agent sending it out – YOU!  It positions you as a true “expert” who is “helpful”, not just pitching yourself. And best of all, it all happens without you lifting a finger, remembering to send anything out, or dealing with printers, stuffing, postage.

    The Success Website includes an online newsletter that is updated for you each and every month with new content.  The content provides useful household tips and information that will be of value to everyone, not just those who are actively buying or selling real estate.  Each month Stay-In-Contact will automatically notify your subscribers that the latest version of your newsletter is now available on your website.  This gives you automatic, regular and  continuous communication with your unconverted prospects, as well as past and present clients, who may not use your services for months or even years.  It also includes several viral marketing features which allow your newsletter to be easily passed around from subscribers on your list to their friends and family.  There is no better way to cultivate easy referral business.

    With the Success Website and the included Stay-In-Contact system, you can automate your follow-up almost entirely (although, in most cases we still recommend at least an initial telephone follow-up)… and still be assured that your clients are being “nudged” regularly with your message, capitalizing on the residual influence phenomenon.

    I urge you to visit www.CraigProctor.com and take a look at both the Success Website and the implementation of both his monthly online newsletter and the “Insider Secrets” course.