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The Success Real Estate Marketing Approach

How Our Clients Achieve Incredible Success

Our Mission: Help the Independent Agent Compete

Real Estate has never been more competitive. The true Independent Realtor is threatened on one side by mediocre, “would-be” agents who undercut each other to survive and on the other by large agencies and teams that dominate through massive advertising spend and dedicated marketing departments.

Being the best realtor isn’t enough to keep the competition at bay. Large teams get a disproportionate amount of business, even though inferior agents work with the clients. Competing with them on their terms requires an unsustainable budget and more work than Independent Agents can handle on their own.

Referrals and word-of-mouth clients are your best source of income, but even these are becoming harder to build a business around. In a world where the “me too” agents race to the bottom on fees, real estate services have been commoditized to the point that even referred leads are usually “looking for a deal.” And referral business is never as consistent as anyone would like.

To survive in this environment, Independent Agents must do things differently. To create a steady stream of new leads WITHOUT compromising your fees, you must:

•  stand out from the crowd,
•  establish authority and expertise, and
•  build personal connection with incoming prospects to overcome distrust.

Your online marketing process should produce leads that are as easy to convert as referrals.

Here’s the Proven, Integrated Strategy we use to approach this challenge.

The Key to Standing Out: PRESENCE

Both the “would-bes” and the Big Players try to be all things to all people. This strategy fails because when you advertise to everyone, you’re really advertising to no one. And sticking to the “mushy middle” merely causes your ads to look exactly like everyone else’s.

When choosing among agents with little to tell them apart, people gravitate toward the one who seems to be “everywhere”. This is why the Big Players dominate: not because they are any better, but because they can afford to get their name out there. You only attract large numbers of leads this way through extensive spending on a wide range of media outlets.

You’re never going to be involved with every transaction in your market – so stop trying to attract every transaction!

Here’s a thought…

A far more attractive and cost-effective way to advertise is to build your PRESENCE in the marketplace. Every action you take online can build Presence. Your message stands out by speaking to the interests of your audience, and every time they encounter you, that message is reinforced. You become more easily recognized, which makes you seem to be “everywhere” without having to actually be everywhere(and blowing your budget in the process).

You can begin to build Presence by considering your Positioning – exactly how you show your leads how you can help them. A strong position laser-focuses your advertising, allowing you to target specific groups of people and enter the exact conversation already going on inside their heads. When they can point to your ads and say “Yes! That’s for me!” your response rates will increase substantially. 

The Success Real Estate Marketing strategy allows you to position yourself as an expert in the exact thing your leads are looking for: Listings and Sales information.

But Positioning is just the start of building Presence…

Establishing Authority and Expertise:

How to Attract Ready-to-Act Buyer and Seller Leads from the Internet

Nearly every Home Buyer or Seller will turn to the Internet for information at some point. Buyers are looking for homes and deals. Sellers are researching home values and also looking for their next living space. The smart Independent Agent will have local Listings and Sales information ready to capitalize on this interest.

That might seem obvious, but it’s here that most agents miss a big opportunity to provide value. Most agents will provide some kind of Private Listings Portal to let leads search for their own properties. That’s great in theory, but leads may not have the time or skill to figure out how to refine a list of thousands of properties, rendering the tool useless and non-efficient for lead generation.

Rather than merely handing off an MLS search tool to your leads, why not leverage the power of Positioning? You can create customized lists of homes based on specific geographic and physical criteria, and then base your online campaigns around these pre-configured lists. Position yourself as the “West Side Condos Expert”, the “Luxury Golf Course Homes Specialist”, the “Source for First Time Buyers with Only $2K Down”, and link your ads directly to the information people want.

Once they see that they can get a list of the exact type of home they’re looking for, prospects will be more willing to trade their contact details for it. And that’s how your campaigns get the leads.

People want what THEY want – not what YOU want them to want.

BUT – BEWARE! Defining your own position is a good start, but don’t believe the old line that “If you build it, they will come!” It’s important to remember that People want what THEY want – not what YOU want them to want.Believing these two are the same thing is another common mistake that costs agents thousands in wasted advertising costs every year. Positioning a campaign without understanding the market reality funds your ego, not your bank account.

So, to attract the most leads, you ALSO need to understand the current interests in your market. Success Real Estate Marketing uses market statistics and “Big Data” analysis to find the property types currently attracting the most searches and notice in your area. Then we work with you to build specific, customized lead generation campaigns targeting those interests. We also have the flexibility and speed to adjust your campaigns in reaction to changing market conditions.

Once you’re happy with your campaign(s), we set them up to run on either Google AdWords or Facebook, with a modest starting budget to fit your situation. Then we optimize and monitor your ads so they’re always generating you the best leads for the lowest cost. And we provide a Team of Experts handling the multitude of targeting and keyword settings, so you’ll never have to worry about making a costly mistake again.

Our Private Listings Portal will automatically provide updates to your leads for new and modified listings, and you’ll always know what your prospects and clients are looking at. More importantly, you’ll establish authority and expertise in your market and begin building that personal connection with your leads.

Building Personal Connection with Your Leads

Sad but true: Real Estate Agents are some of least trusted professionals in business today. To establish trust and encourage new business, the Independent Agent must build personal connection with leads.

To help put your best foot forward, Success Real Estate Marketing provides beautifully-designed websites to showcase you and your business, automated email follow-up campaigns to provide information, and SMS Text Messaging for quick updates, reminder nudges, and personal contact.

We also provide technology enhancements to leverage these strategies without the need for a huge budget. For example, Remarketing campaigns track interested website visitors and continue to put your campaigns in front of them as they travel around the Internet. You’ll encourage repeat visits to your website and begin building relationships with prospects who haven’t even identified themselves to you yet. It’s a targeted and cost-effective way to expand your Presence.

Real personal connection is about aligning your marketing and message with the interests of your target audience

BUT all this is about more than the technology. 

Real personal connection is about aligning your marketing and message with the interests of your target audience, then providing value once they raise their hand to start the conversation. This value should also be aligned to the interests of the lead and not an avalanche of generic information (for example, a specific real estate search with your input instead of an unfiltered list of 500 available homes).

Tying It All Together

Building a strong market Presence requires a continuous focus on Positioning, Establishing Authority and Building Personal Connection with your leads. This has an incredible number of direct and indirect benefits:

•  warm leads who know you and are receptive to your communication
•  a foundation for future business
growth in your reputation and influence
•  collateral 
interest in other programs and campaigns in your business
•  a rich environment for referrals

You also build the Value of your services, attracting new clients WITHOUT having to lower your commission. This gives you the opportunity to invest some of that “now” money to increase the reach of your campaigns and cultivate “future” business. You’ll finally experience the power of leverage to grow your business.

We Are Your Marketing Partner

With Success Real Estate Marketing, Independent Agents can instantly add a complete Online Marketing department to their business, without the huge overhead in salaries, benefits and office space.

We do ALL the work to build your branded online presence, position you as the local listings expert, and manage your online campaigns. Clearing this work off your plate leaves you free to follow-up and build that personal connection with your leads.

Our clients praise the transparency of our process. Every campaign we build is customized for your specific needs and optimized to maximize efficiency for your budget. We actively seek your input into the type of leads you want, and your feedback on lead quality. No part of this process is hidden from you – in fact, your collaboration improves the effectiveness of your campaigns far beyond the “templates” offered by others.

We’ve been in online marketing for real estate for nearly 20 years, and bring that history and experience to your lead generation campaigns. We also bring the collected analytics from thousands of agents and Big Data market analysis to help you find the areas of most interest in your market and build your sphere of influence around them.

How to Get Started

The choice is now yours: Will you continue to blend in with the huddled mass of mediocre agents dominated by large local agencies and teams? Or will you step out of the crowd, position yourself differently, and FINALLY compete effectively without compromising your fee, reputation, or marketing budget?

To get started, call our Success Team at 1-800-361-9527 or click the Live Help widget on this page. We’re pleased to get you started with our current introductory offer – just $198 total for your first two months. And it’s backed by our 20 Leads Guarantee – you’ll get 20 leads from our system by the end of the first two months, or we’ll give you another two months FREE to get there. And consider this – just ONE deal from one of those 20 leads will cover the cost of the whole system for a year or longer, giving your business the leverage it needs to grow.

Want to know more? Call us at 1-800-361-9527 and let’s talk.

Stephen Raitt

Stephen Raitt

Stephen Raitt is the President and Co-Founder of Success Real Estate Marketing.