The ultimate referral guide for financial and real estate professionals – Aaron Hoos

Referrals are the most efficient way to get potential clients into your sales funnel, and there are lots of ways you can try to get more of them. Sometimes, the quickest way to get referrals is just to be willing to ask — including asking people who are not clients, close friends or family, or whom you may feel embarrassed to ask. Be prepared to both overcome potential objections from the person you are asking, and to show how making referrals could benefit them as well as you.

Key Takeaways:

  • A successful real estate and sales agent spends a considerable amount of time and effort trying to master his technique and putting his customers first.
  • When one gets a referral it makes him have more profit because he has more time to devote to other things and not just running marketing.
  • Referrals are of two kinds in the marketing world but most often we confuse the two and use one word for both of them.

“I’ve collected the advice, best practices, and ideas I’ve used and seen, and combined it with a comprehensive list of ideas collected from the web for a go-to reference on referrals.”

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